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While Asobo normally announces the location of a Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update a few weeks in advance, it notably kept this one under wraps until launch day. Today’s World Update X, takes Microsoft Flight Simulator players back to the United States.

If it feels like you’re experiencing déjà vu — you’re not. This is actually the second time that a World Update has featured the USA as its location. But now, its scenery has been outfitted with even more enhancements that stretch from the Pacific Coast to Coast, and even to its outer Territories.


Back and better than ever

Yellowstone National Park, the Florida Keys, Walt Disney World, Seattle (Washington), and San Francisco (California) make up just some of the newly enhanced areas in this new World Update.

Aside from injecting new “high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery” along with improved elevation modeling data, World Update X features over 87 new Points of Interest that the 3D modeling teams at Gaya Simulations and Perfect Flight have handcrafted. Four new airports have also been added, including two in California, one in Lake Tahoe and the last in Rhode Island.Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc B737 Alaska Taxi

Additionally, 12 cities across the continent have received updates with photogrammetry data, resulting in a fully 3D rendering of their surrounding areas. For some up close and personal exploration, three new Bush Trips have been added, as well as three new Landing Challenges and Discovery Flights each.

Even more on the way

The next major update for the core functionality of Microsoft Flight Simulator will follow sometime in July, with more World Updates and Sim Updates dotted throughout the remainder of 2022.

This weekend at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, Asobo unveiled the special 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s a new, free expansion for the sim that will include a variety of new aircraft such as the Airbus A310 and Douglas DC-3, as well as the arrival of gliders and helicopters.

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