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After introducing its players to an enhanced version of the Iberian Peninsula, Asobo is now pointing the compass eastward for the next Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update. Announced in a livestream, which was then posted in a development roadmap update, World Update IX: Italy/Malta is set to takeoff in May.

Although that’s quite a bit of time from now, there’s a lot going on with Microsoft Flight Simulator in the time between World Updates. Asobo plans to release the third aircraft in the Local Legend collection quite soon, with the Dornier Do J arriving on March 29. This new (but very old) aircraft is unique due to its amphibious design, hence its “Flying Boat” nickname.


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Beyond that, the studio is working on yet another aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator that will release soon, the Gee Bee R-2 & Z models. As the second release in the Famous Flyer aircraft series, the Gee Bee is one of the most iconic sports aircraft, having participated in various air races. It will pair nicely with the game modes from the Reno Air Races content, which launched back in late 2021. As far as larger updates go, the next big Sim Update is due to release on April 26 alongside the Gee Bee racer.

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Some of the improvements that will be coming in that update forĀ Microsoft Flight Simulator include better thermal simulations, which will result in more realistic behavior with how airflow affects the aircrafts. The Developer Q&A livestream from March 23 went into some detail on this.

Beyond Asobo’s primary efforts, a lot of work is being done by other studios in regards to add-on projects. These projects include the upcoming releases of iconic aircraft like the Concorde from DC Designs, and Just Flight’s plans to revamp the sim’s less-than-stellar AI traffic system.

There’s clearly a lot on the near horizon for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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