If you’re a supporter of Xbox, then you may want to go check the email that your XboxLive account is registered to as Microsoft has started rewarding “dedicated” Xbox supporters with emails. We have heard some people are receiving codes to unlock characters on Killer Instinct, we have also heard rumors that some people have even been told that they’re to receive an XboxOne.

We’re not a hundred present sure what they’re basing these rewards on, whether it’s the people on the top tier on XboxLive Rewards, or if it’s the tenure. However, a tweet from Xbox replying to a fan says they are taking things like Gamerscore, LIVE tenure, and other factors into account.

The XboxOne launches on the 22nd November, which is exactly two weeks this coming Friday. Those of you picking up the ‘Day One Edition’ of the XboxOne that comes with Forza Motorsport 5 should check out the new trailer for Microsfots flagship racer right here.

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