Microsoft looking for new Business Development Manager for gaming

An interesting new job posting popped up today for Microsoft, that could be a boon for gaming on their products…. or not.

The job description is heavily overwritten, but basically the open position is for a business development manager. It seems that your main job is to work with gaming partners (aka developers, among other entities) to bring games to the Microsoft partners. This job also entails working with Microsoft’s different departments, such as marketing, engineering, business development, etc., as well as with different branches of Microsoft around the world.

This job comes with a lot of connected responsibilities, but seems to mainly give the employee a lot of sway in Microsoft’s future direction in gaming. It also does not name a lead platform, so you could work on helping them on the Xbox, PC, and even Windows Phone end. Of course, there are universal apps too, so you don’t even have to choose among them.

When you think about this a little deeper though, opening up this position implies that Microsoft does not feel they have anyone in the company to fill in for this job. Of course, someone like Phil Spencer is already higher up, but among the people in Team Xbox, and whoever has been delegated PC gaming and phone gaming, isn’t getting this much leeway? They do not think the people they have now are qualified for this? It actually is a troubling sign.

If Microsoft is going to get its gaming act together in this new productivity-minded era, the gaming side definitely needs all the help it can get. Let’s hope they can find people who can turn things around for them on all fronts.

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