Microsoft had its earnings call today, and has been mostly mum about all things Xbox One, in light of all other things they are occupied with (Windows, Azure, etc.) We will share what we know below.

So Microsoft was able to ship 1.2 million Xbox One consoles, as well as 800,000 Xbox 360s. In total, the company has sold 5 million Xbox One units so far. Revenue for its Devices division is up 1.97 billion from 1.4 billion year on year.

Microsoft didn’t reveal how much revenue comes from Xbox One, but they were not shy to share that Surface revenue grew 50 % to $ 500 million. However, Microsoft also revealed an increase of 70 % in cost of revenue, borne purely out of the costs of manufacturing the console. It’s expected that this cost will go down as Microsoft keeps manufacturing and selling the device.

You can get some more data from the earnings call here.


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