Microsoft may be gearing up to reveal a Xbox Smart Glass tablet, according to Examiner.com and Engadget. Both have reported seeing a presentation from Microsoft, describing a tablet that will allow Xbox users to access various features of their Xbox.

    Specific notes about the tablet include:

    •  Will allow users to control their Xbox 360 remotely. Will be available cross platform on multiple operating systems including Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS.
    •  Applications will be accessible through the tablet. Such as Youtube/Netflix/Vemo ect.
    •  Live streaming ability through the tablet to the TV, desktop, lap top and other devices.
    • A demo at E3 will be shown, but no live video will be featured

    The idea of an Xbox 360 tablet is interesting, considering how Microsoft has largely stayed out of the tablet industry. However, it does make sense that the company would consider tablet experimentation, given the trend the Wii U controller is setting.




    Paul Younger
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