Microsoft Reportedly Enters The Fray For Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

A few weeks ago, we started hearing rumors regarding Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Parent company AT&T was apparently looking to sell off the division, which could mean plenty of ramifications for a number of games. Reports listed the likes of Electronic Arts and Activision as interested parties. And now, a new juggernaut has apparently entered the fray: Microsoft.

Strength begets strength

Having already acquired the likes of Double Fine and Obsidian Entertainment, Microsoft has now apparently expressed interest in Warner Bros.’ video games. That interest has been confirmed by two independent sources familiar with the proceedings. A successful acquisition would see heavyweight studios like Rocksteady, WB Montreal, and NetherRealm Studios become part of Microsoft’s stable of developers. That could also mean future Batman, Harry Potter, and even Mortal Kombat games would become exclusive to one console platform.

Microsoft Reportedly Enters The Fray For Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

While this would certainly infuriate one fanbase and delight another, this potential move would put Microsoft in pole position. The Xbox brand has often received criticism for its lack of good exclusives. Adding the likes of Rocksteady and NetherRealm to its ranks would go a long way to alleviate that. Even the apparent price AT&T is looking at – $4 billion – may prove worthwhile for Microsoft.

Preparation for war

After bringing in Double Fine, Ninja Theory, Obisidian Entertainment, Playground Games, and inXile into the fold, it’s no surprise that Microsoft wants more gems for its crown. The Xbox Series X is reportedly on track for launch this holiday, so it definitely wants more first-party games. As such, grabbing Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment would certainly benefit the company and its brand.

What it does for everyone else, remains a big question mark. Perhaps rival Sony will actually swoop in and capture Warner Bros. for themselves. What an exciting development that would be as well. Either way, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more.

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