Microsoft’s Elop Now Officially Taking Over Devices Division, Including Xbox

We reported this before, but now it’s official: Julie Larson-Green herself has confirmed via internal memo that she is leaving the position of head of Microsoft’s Devices division over to former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop.

In her brief tenure as head of Devices, Julie was one of the most powerful women in gaming, as well as in tech. The Devices division encompassed Microsoft’s interests in Xbox, Windows Phone, and the Surface line of tablets/laptops.

Julie is coming back to head Windows, where arguably she may be better suited. However, there is no doubt that Elop’s rise in Microsoft will be controversial, not only for his statements about Xbox, but for his sullied reputation as former Nokia head. It is no exaggeration to say that this is only the latest in a number of events that casts the future of the Xbox brand within Microsoft in doubt.


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