Telltale has announced that Jurassic Park: The Game has now officially gone gold.
    That’s publishing parlance for the game having been shipped off to the printers for duplication and distribution. In other words, baring any events like, say, a catastropic change in climate leading to the title’s extinction, we should be seeing it released for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3 in November.
    Jurassic Park is said to be a slight departure from Telltale’s usual adventure formula, with more emphasis on action than puzzle solving. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but reports of multiple quick time events don’t bode quite so well.
    In case you’ve forgotten what Jurassic Park is about (you clearly weren’t a 12 year old when the film came out), here’s a trailer.
    Source: twitter.com

    Paul Younger
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