Shadow of Mordor - 24 - 2

Your head will explode at these incredible savings. Possibly.

In the land of PC gaming new games don’t stay at full price for very long; sure enough, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is already approaching $30.00 USD. Over at Bundle Stars for the next 48 hours (well, more like 43 hours now) Shadow of Mordor is 33% off.

Over here in the US, that makes the game $33.33 USD. Or $50.00 if you want to buy the Premium Edition (also 33% off.) The season pass is there at the same 33% discount as well.

Bundle Stars is Europe based (UK even, I think) so if you’re buying this from the US be prepared for your credit card company to do one of those “hey, did you mean to buy something overseas?” fraud checks with you. Other than that, it should be fairly smooth to get that Steam key in your inbox.

In other Shadow of Mordor news today, there’s a freebie DLC now available called “Power of Shadow.” It lets you play dress up as the Black Hand of Sauron (that’ll confuse the Orcs) and “upgrade your Sword, Dagger and Bow to be weapons of renown.” I think that means extra runes, or something.

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