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This isn’t Photo Mode, I just stole it from Tim’s set of review screenshots.

Monolith encourages you to take some travelogue snapshots of your time in Mordor, with the new Shadow of Mordor photo mode. That’s the 1GB update for the game you may have noticed popping up through Steam earlier today.

The announcement post mentions some “bug fixes and improvements” alongside the feature for budding photographers, but sadly doesn’t go into any further detail.

That suggests the main addition is indeed the photo mode, which (when configured correctly) will allow you to pause the game at any point and basically set up a lovely image. Various parameters can be changed, such as camera position, depth of field, lens filters, vignetting and a few more.

For an in-depth set of instructions for setting up the Shadow of Mordor photo mode, I’d follow the link suggested in the announcement and head over to this wiki page. The example screenshots it uses are rather small, but otherwise it looks like a pretty good tour around setting up your dream snaps.

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