First Middle-earth: Shadow of War gameplay video released

First Middle-earth: Shadow of War gameplay video released

Following the announcement last week, the first gameplay footage for Warner’s  Middle-earth: Shadow of War has been released.

The walkthrough starts a few hours into the game and focuses on the updated Nemesis system. The action starts with an attack on Seregost and the Overlord Ur-Hakon the Dragon Lord. Breach the games of the fortress and then lay waste to a bunch of Orcs by axing them in the head or ripping their heads off. All good family fun.

It’s then on to some conversion with the power of the New Ring and the obligatory boss fight with Ur-Hakon the Dragon Lord himself. Once he’s destroyed the footage shows the armies screen which reveals the followers, One of these loyal subjects can be assigned to command the conquered fortress.

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    • Railbydefault

      I enjoyed the nemesis system of the last game a lot. This seems very much the same game, but wit more “stuff”. It’ll definitely be on my $5 list again! Spammy combat was half shit, but unlike certain games that start with “W” and end with “Tim fucked up the review” the combat isn’t wholly one dimensional and out of control of the player. Stealth and ranged added with spammy combat, combined with a good premise story wise and the nemesis system made it fun(imo). I’m still surprised I like it and Mad Max. Hope its good. If my enjoyment level of the nice lady narrating the video are any indication, it should be good stuff!

      **edit for clarificaiton** I agree with Tim’s issues with the game that the blind fanatics say he got wrong gg ez.