Epic Minds announced they would be suspending development of Kickstarter funded game Midora. Today, they revealed that the game is back on track again, but before that they explained why suspending work on the game was even necessary.

In essence, Epic Minds found out the $ 75,000 they raised was not enough in the middle of development, and their options were temporarily constrained. Specifically, they found out they needed to hire more artists and developers, and their budgets simply did not fit.

Note that they did not run out of money, or options. The game isn’t ready for Early Access. They wanted to stay indie so a publisher was out of the question. They hadn’t found any private investors. At the time, Epic explained their best option was to work on other games to raise the money on their own.

The situation seems to have changed, as either Epic managed to enter one of the other options or they found a different solution. This is the text in their latest Kickstarter update:

After much debate and thinking, Midora’s development will resume soon. A Kickstarter update explaining why and Early Access news are coming soon.

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