Might & Magic Heroes VI Announced

Ubisoft has announced that it will be publishing the latest in the long-running Might & Magic series for the PC this 2011.
Black Hole Entertainment (makers of Warhammer: Mark of Chaos) will be developing, and the word is that the turn-based strategy/RPG hybrid will be “remastered.” First in line for remastering is the name, which has changed from Heroes of Might & Magic (number) to Might & Magic Heroes VI.
Apparently, this title will take place 400 years prior to the events of Heroes of Might & Magic V and will focus on a legendary archangel pretending to unite the peoples of Ashan for a demonic invasion, but really intending to use them against his ancient enemies. There’s no news yet of whether it will be using Ubisoft’s famed DRM protection system.
Look just below for some launch screens.

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