might and magic x legacy unicorn and falcon (2)

As medieval-style prisons go, this one doesn’t look too bad.

I have it on good authority that Might & Magic X: Legacy took Tim 35,029 hours to complete; and 30,000 of them were spent fighting giant spiders. For some, that still won’t have been enough quests, dungeons and foes to smite. That’s perhaps why Ubisoft has announced a mini-expansion called The Falcon & The Unicorn.

In it, best pals Ulysses the Unicorn and Fiona the Falcon team up to … no, okay, none of that is true. What actually happens is that the Holy Inquisition wants to do unspeakable things with hot pokers to the Raiders of Ashan. You’re going to be trapped on the prison island of Fort Laegaire, until you can figure out a way to combine your powers like an RPG Voltron and uncover a sinister plot against the Imperial Court.

Breaking that down to raw numerical terms, it means another two dungeons added to Might & Magic X: Legacy and “an all-new array of iconic enemies from the Haven faction.” Plus you’ll be following a new quest line, obviously.

The Falcon & The Unicorn is priced at £5.50 GBP and will be released on 27 March.

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