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League of Legends has a huge cast of different characters fulfilling different roles, and the next champion in this hugely successful MOBA is the spritely Milio. Milio takes the role of enchanter support, reliant on empowering his allies rather than making many of his own plays. This fiery spirit kindles a flame in the bot lane, providing a ton of poke, heals, shields, and other supportive abilities. As one of the rare male enchanters in the game, Milio is bound to make a huge impact inLeague of Legends — as seen in his firstĀ gameplay trailer.

Milio is an energetic soul, as seen in the footage. Milio controls little fire spirits known as “fuemigos,” who help him support his ADC in the bot lane. His ‘Q’ ability kicks one of his fuemigos into the enemy team, almost like a soccer ball, which can cause a knock-up and slow. His ‘W’ ability creates a decently sized area that heals his allies inside it and increases their attack range. Finally, his ‘E’ ability is a shield that also gives his allies a burn on hit. Finally, his ultimate unleashes a wave that heals and removes crowd control effects.

Milio burns it up in his League of Legends gameplay trailer

Milio is all about bringing warmth to the game, with his fire spirits bringing health and healing instead of burning and destruction. (See you later, Brand.) His bubbly personality and design are a direct contrast with many other Ixtal champions, where magic is “approached in a very rigid and formulaic way.” But Milio is inventive and does things on his own, and he’ll bring that energy as the latest League of Legends support.

Milio is currently available to test out on the PBE. Otherwise, you can expect to see Milio later when Patch 13.6 drops on March 22. Check out the latest gameplay trailer below to see him and his fiery fuemigos in action.

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