Latest Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Snapshot Shows Off Glowing Berries (1)

It just does not feel right for a new year to start without something Minecraft related happening. And just like that, we have ourselves a new Minecraft snapshot for Caves and Cliffs. Following last month’s snapshot about glowing squids stalking the water, this time around, it is still all about stuff that glows. You read that right, more glowing stuff is coming to Mojang Studios‘ big hit. Moving forward, players can look forward to glowing berries, which will grow from cave vines.

Not only do these berries light up the surrounding areas, but you can also consume them as snacks. Talk about a useful addition. Needless to say, the recent snapshots serve only to let Minecraft fans know that their experiences in dark caves will be much improved with Caves and Cliffs. Spelunking with glowing stuff around you will make for a nice break from the darkness or the flame of a torch.


The cave vines and glow berries shown off in this Minecraft snapshot will also make underground areas more appealing. An underground garden will certainly be a more welcome sight every once in a while. The new decorative blocks that feature hanging roots and normal roots also help refresh the aesthetic.

In addition to all of that, we will get new mosses and spore blossoms, plus Azalea bushes that can flower from said moss blocks. All you need to do is add some bone meal.

Latest Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Snapshot Shows Off Glowing Berries (2)

Subterranean decorating

If that is not enough, Mojang has also added dripleaf that grows underwater or on clay. The bigger plants can even be stood on, although they are brittle.

Be sure to check out the full notes about the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs snapshot if you want the full picture. The full update will arrive sometime this year. It is nice to see that the studio continues to experiment with new additions that the community will embrace.

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