Minecraft creator thinking about 3 new games


What does life have in store for Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson once the build ’em up is fully completed later this year? 
Speaking to RockPaperShotgun, Persson has hinted that his next game will either be a space-trading simulator, a football management title or a game in which you’re “just living”.
“It keeps going back and forth,” said Persson when asked about what’s coming after Minecraft. “I’m really annoyed with how there are no space trading simulators at the moment. And the ones there have been always kind of miss the point. They’re fun, but even Elite 2 which was a great game, wasn’t really what I wanted.
“I really want to make that, but that’s going to be lots of work, and be extremely nerdy, and probably won’t sell very well. But hopefully I can convince other people here that they want to do it.”
His take on football management gaming is hardly what you’d call traditional…
“I shouldn’t probably say this because people might steal it, but what the hell. It’s like a football manager, but it’s for fantasy heroes. If you have a troll and a goblin in the same team, the troll might eat the goblin. Stuff like that.”
Persson went on to say that his thrid idea involves “just one character in the town, just living. It wouldn’t be a super-realistic city simulator. It would be my take on what real life is.” 
So… The Sims then? 

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