Minecraft Dungeons Screenshot Nighttime Battle 2
Minecraft Dungeons Screenshot Nighttime Battle 2

Word of Mojang’s latest foray into the blocky world of Minecraft spread like wildfire after its reveal at MineCon 2018. It wouldn’t be clear what Minecraft Dungeons would really be until the first gameplay trailer surfaced at Microsoft’s E3 2019 showing. Mojang then showed more gameplay at Gamescom several months later. Today, at Microsoft’s X019, a modest 20-second teaser blessed fans with the last piece of the puzzle — the Minecraft Dungeons release date. Well, almost. It will arrive sometime in April 2020, with a more precise date provided as we get closer to launch. Until then, players can sign up for the newsletter for a chance to be accepted for early access.

Minecraft Dungeons was developed by a small Swedish team that has made it abundantly clear that it loves dungeon crawlers. The game, which started out as a Nintendo 3DS project, is a four-player ARPG in which players battle hordes of monsters in procedurally-generated dungeons, all while aiming to acquire the best loot. On their quest to defeat the evil Arch-illager, players will fight through canyons, swamps, mines, and more. But let’s be honest with ourselves, what’s another evil villain to a new sword and fresh boots?

Below is the Minecraft Dungeons release date trailer — a little lacking, but nonetheless a moment of celebration for fans.

Minecraft world domination

Since its release in 2009, Minecraft has amassed over 176 million sales worldwide and over 200 million registered users on the free Chinese version. The recent resurgence in Minecraft-focused content creation has also helped to keep the game thriving a decade later. In response to the momentum, Minecraft Earth, the augmented reality mobile game, released into early access last month. The game will undoubtedly take a solid chunk out of its competitors’ audiences.

Now, with Minecraft Dungeons on the horizon, Mojang continues to dominate the gaming space. But with a fierce competitor in Path of Exile and the future release of Diablo IV looming over it, the game has a lot to prove.

The dungeon crawling madness begins in April of next year.

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