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Minecraft is getting a comfy cherry blossom biome in the next big update

So nice.

It’s time to get cozy with Minecraft. Today developer Mojang announced that cherry blossoms will be coming as part of the next big Minecraft update – 1.20. The new cherry blossom biome will bring many new blocks to the game, and have mobs be more likely to spawn there.

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Minecraft cherry blossom biome includes new crafting options

The cherry blossom biome, which will be coming to Minecraft in its 1.20 update sometime later this year, will include the beautiful pink tree itself. Cherry blossoms have been a long-missing tree in Minecraft, which has led to modders adding it in themselves. The cherry blossom biome will attract certain mobs such as pigs, sheep, and bees. It will also have a very colorful look with the new trees creating pink forests throughout the biome. 

You’ll be able to break the cherry blossom tree down into its own new crafting material, which sports its own pink look. You can also craft one of the other new additions, a hanging sign, out of the new tree. 

Minecraft Cherry Blossom Biome Wood House

Image via Mojang

The cherry blossom biome is actually the final reveal in the 1.20 feature list for Minecraft. In these feature reveals, we have seen new additions such as a new mob, named the sniffer. An ancient mob that has been brought back to life, the sniffer sniffs out seeds which let you grow decorative plants. You find the eggs for the sniffer mob while using the other new addition to the game, archeology. Archeology allows you to use certain types of sand to find old pottery shards and more inside of them with the new brush tool.

While we don’t have a release date quite yet for Minecraft’s 1.20 update with its new cherry blossom biome, but it is scheduled to release later this year. 

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