Minecraft Marketplace Halloween Skins Maps And Minecraft Dungeons Crossover

The most recent Minecraft update has seen the debut of a few new things. The biggest additions that came with Update 1.20 are Bamboo as a new building material and rideable camels that you can find roaming around the desert villages. Now, Mojang is bringing Halloween to the Minecraft marketplace with an array of skins and frightful maps for you to purchase. If that wasn’t enough, a crossover has also arrived between Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, adding Halloween skins and more.

The Minecraft Spooky Season marketplace is packed to the brim with Halloween cosmetics. There are Ghost Face skins, various costumes, and even Halloween animal skins. The Halloween cosmetics are going to cost money if you want to equip them, but you don’t have to spend any cash to get in the Halloween spirit in Minecraft. You can get your hands on the Dungeons-inspired Cloaked Skull Armour set for free.


That’s not all that’s new to the Minecraft marketplace this week. The first crossover between Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons is providing players with even more cosmetics with the Minecraft Dungeons Hero Skin Pack. It contains 13 skins, including many familiar faces from Minecraft Dungeons.

Halloween maps are lurking around the Minecraft marketplace

As mentioned, the Halloween collection features some fearful maps for you to explore. You can check out the Haunted Park created by Everbloom Games, Trick or Treat by Lifeboat Games, and much more. Just like the skins, you can pick up the Halloween maps through the marketplace. Of course, you can always create your own Halloween-inspired world if you prefer.

At the time of writing, it’s unknown how long the Halloween cosmetics will be available in the Minecraft marketplace. With Halloween being just days away, it would be a good idea to grab your cosmetics sooner rather than later.

Minecraft Marketplace Halloween Skins And Maps Minecraft Dungeons Crossover

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