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Oh hey look it’s another Minecraft mod that’s absurdly impressive. This time around it is a mod that makes the default terrain look absolutely amazing. I doubt I could count on one hundred hands the number of amazing mods that have released for the cube-focused survival game. The game released back in 2009 and it still remains a worldwide hit. And they still update frequently, even holding contests now and again.

Other updates throughout the years include the number of biomes. But the best part of Minecraft, in my opinion, lies with its modding community. That’s where MC_Pitman comes in, who is attempting to completely revamp the terrain generation.

Why Minecraft Needs A Better Generator

MC_Pitman Minecraft Biome purple
MC_Pitman biome

MC_Pitman previously created the Biome Bundle mod for Minecraft, which is a frequently requested among users. So, suffice to say, this modder knows his biomes. Now he’s taking things up several notches to create the terrain generation mod.

According to fans, the current terrain in Minecraft is a bit too segregated. Biomes end and new ones star without much blending or diversity between them. So, Reddit user MC_Pitman sought to fix that. So far the terrain generation project has been in the works for over a year.

The terrain generated by this mod becomes more believable… Well, as believable as a voxel-based world can be. “My focus is on making the world generation look more natural and (not to sound clich├ęd) realistic,” MC_Pitman wrote on Reddit. He also stresses that a first release will be available for download in the coming months, so players had better be ready.

Sorry Windows 10 Players

MC_Pitman Minecraft Biome mod

All original biome created by MC_Pitman

The terrain generation mod is being developed for the Java version of Minecraft, and MC_Pitman has not announced plans to create one for the Windows 10 Edition. Still, if you’re looking for a mod that improves heavily upon the base Minecraft game, but doesn’t necessarily go crazy with changing the gameplay, this might be up your alley.

But what do you think? Is this worth the install? Are you impressed with how diverse this terrain looks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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