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In any multiplayer game you play, there will be some level of toxicity among players. Unfortunately, this even applies to Minecraft. Recently, the developers have outlined how they are going to increase the safety of the game. This will be done through the help of the Minecaft moderators, by giving them more power to issue permanent bans.

According to a Minecraft blog post, moderators can now permanently ban players that do not follow the community guidelines. Any way that you are able to communicate through the Minecraft online services can be moderated. Messages you may write on signposts and books are included. The extension to moderation applies to all versions of Minecraft. However, it does not apply to Minecraft Dungeons.

A player who receives a permanent ban will be notified. You will receive a message that outlines the reasoning behind the ban. Also, you will be provided with some information on how you can cancel your Realms subscription. Bans have been described as non-negotiable and they can not be reversed by Minecraft Support. The reasons that you can receive a permanent ban are stated on a further Minecraft blog post surrounding the topic. You can be banned for hate speech, sexual content and grooming, real life threats, and cheating. Moreover, the ban hammer will come into force if you share the personal information of others, post links to malicious software, impersonate staff, and spam.

There is more to come with Minecraft moderators

It is important to note that single player games will remain not moderated. In addition, the developers are working on a system to introduce temporary bans for less serious offences. Currently, it is unknown how long the temporary bans will last for. It is promising to see that Minecraft is increasingly becoming a safer place for its users. As the moderation system develops, it will be interesting to see how effective it will be.

Minecraft permanent ban moderators

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