Minecraft Mountain Generation Gets A Boost With New Biomes (2)

The more recent updates for Mojang Studios’ Minecraft have been focusing on filling out the caves aspect of the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update. Glowing berries, cave vines, and more are making the underground areas more of an attraction. However, let’s not forget that the mountains and the cliffs need some love as well. We now have more of an indication as to what to expect when it comes to these towering features around the land. The headlining change for Minecraft applies to how mountains are generated, but players will be happy to learn that there are five new sub-biomes as well.

In the latest iteration of the Bedrock beta for Minecraft, players will get to check out the Lofty Peaks, Snow Capped Peaks, Snowy Slopes, Mountain Grove, and Mountain Meadow biomes.


The names are quite self-explanatory. These new biome additions to Minecraft will complement existing mountains to create a more varied landscape for exploration and adventure.

Judging from the work that is being done, it will definitely improve how these locations look. The stark differences between mountains in the past and the future are clear to see, as fans are already diving straight in to check things out. However, Mojang Studios is still working out the kinks in terms of blending. Do not expect everything to match up perfectly, at least for now.

Minecraft Mountain Generation Gets A Boost With New Biomes (1)

New horizons

Mountains are also getting a height bump, with a maximum of 256 blocks in height. This also requires the tweaking of world height limits from 256 to 320 blocks. You will be able to find Iron, Coal, and Emerald ores in the mountains now. There are also new textures for Iron, Coal, Emerald, Diamond, Gold, Lapis, Copper, and Redstone ores.

Goats will begin spawning in Snowy Slopes and rabbits are starting to populate the Mountain Grove biomes in Minecraft.

The differences between the Bedrock beta and the Java snapshots will likely be ironed out pretty soon. The glow squids and texture updates were part of the Java snapshots before arriving with this new Bedrock beta update.

Be sure to check out the full patch notes for even more details.

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