Mojang, creators of indie-game darling Minecraft, have announced “Scrolls”; a card-battler set in a fantasy world in which you “fight to become the mightiest magician of them all”.
In a post on the game’s threadbare website, Lead Designer Jakob Porser describes Scrolls as a game which brings “a new and unique game play where you fight to outmaneuver your opponent on the battlefield using the destructive powers in your collection of magical scrolls.”
Seeing as card collecting/battling games are hardly fresh out of the videogame design lab, we’d be very interested to know just what this “unique” gameplay consists of; not least due to the high-expectations expected of Mojang after Minecraft’s success.
Your goal, Porser continues, is to “Obtain the powerful scrolls and decide which ones you will take to battle as you fight to become the mightiest Magician of all.”
Porser also goes on to talk briefly about the the team’s thoughts behind the creation of Scrolls, and tells us the game they envision has “elements from the collectible card game genre as well as from traditional board games. It would be a strategic game with a strong foundation in tactical game play but with a touch of random and chance guaranteeing a never ending stream of curve balls.”
While no format or specific gameplay elements are noted, Porser does say that “The game would challenge you with ever changing content and let you explore the world and cleanse the lands of harm, one monster at the time. It would give you the opportunity to test yourself with your peers by battling other players using a long list of tournament templates ranging from friendly matches to ranked league matches.”
So it’s safe to say that online functionality plays a key role then? Does that mean a card-battling MMO or a card-battler with online elements bolted on? 

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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