Minecraft The Wild Update Release Date Launch June

Minecraft: The Wild update releases in early June

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At long last, Minecraft‘s The Wild update has a release date. On June 7, the update, also called 1.19, will be fully available for all Minecraft players. Update 1.19 has been sitting pretty as a Minecraft snapshot, or pre-release. It has seen three versions, all of which brought changes and fixes. But, in a couple short weeks, it’ll all come together as an official launch.

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The Wild update was first shown off all the way back during Minecraft Live 2021. Two new biomes, the Deep Dark and Swamp, were revealed, along with new trees and more mobs. It was first meant to be a part of developer Mojang’s Caves & Cliffs update, which released to high praise.


So, what exactly does The Wild update bring to the Minecraft table? Well, the Deep Dark is your survival horror-esque biome. Deep underground, you may discover Ancient Cities with loot to gather. But you’ll have to dodge Sculk Shriekers and a “terrifying” warden mob in order to earn that precious booty. The Swamp is a bit more approachable and brings a frog mob. There were supposed to be fireflies, but since they’re toxic to frogs in the real world, they’ve been removed. Mangrove trees are a new tree to the game, and can be found in the Swamp biome. The reddish-brown wood you can mine from it can be used for new crafts and building materials.

Warden Minecraft Snapshot 119 Warden

All the changes coming to Minecraft: The Wild update

Mojang has posted the entire list of what was changed in The Wild before its release for Minecraft. You can check out the notes ahead of time, but some of the changes include new audio cues, updated behavior for mobs, and no, Sculk sensors won’t go off if they detect bees leaving their hive. Imagine the sound of bees and the Sculk and be grateful that patches exist. Other things coming to the game are boats with chests and the allay mob.

If you’re interested in spending even more dozens of hours in Minecraft, The Wild update will release on June 7.

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