Minute of Islands looks like Adventure Time drawn by Moebius

Minute of Islands looks like Adventure Time drawn by Moebius

A cool conjunction
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I have to admit I’m not exactly a fan of Adventure Time (I’m more of a Rick and Morty enthusiast), but I like the idea of that kind of post-apocalyptic cartoon. When I saw the trailer for Minute of Islands, I instantly thought it looked like Adventure Time. Except that I like the art style of Minute of Islands much more, as it reminds me of the comics by French artist Jean “Moebius” Giraud. And I really enjoy that conjunction of influences. Publisher Mixtvision and indie Studio Fizbin have announced that Minute of Islands will come to PC and consoles by early 2020.

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Minute of Islands takes place in a strange and beautiful archipelago that’s polluted by dangerous spores. What keeps the set of islands safe is the mysterious antennae built by Giants when they once lived among people. However, these machines are now failing, and you’ll play as the only person who can repair them: the engineer Mo, armed with her versatile tool, the Omni-Switch.

Mo is driven to protect her family and friends as she sets out on a quest. She will encounter a cast of all kinds of curious creatures along the way. As she uncovers the truth of the islands and the Giants who now live below the surface, she begins to learn that her focus and her stoic ambition are not always the advantages she’s believed them to be. Mo’s journey will allow her to learn more about the islands and about herself. Through her, players might also examine their own lives and priorities.

Minute of Islands features

Although the main draw of Minute of Islands is initially its comic book art style, there’s a little more to it. Mo’s Omni-Switch tool will help players solve all sorts of environmental puzzles. The story aims to be an emotional and even poetic journey of self-exploration. The world of Minute of Islands is colorful and fantastical, with plenty to explore. The denizens of the islands are quirky and interesting, and the islands hold secrets you can unravel. The soundtrack also promises to be deeply atmospheric.

Minute of Islands will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on Q1 2020. You can find out more about it on the official website and follow the game on Twitter and Facebook. You might also want to wishlist the game on Steam.

What do you think of Minute of Islands? Do you like this kind of comic book art? Do you think the story will have substance? Leave your comments below and tell us what you think!

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