Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Developer Diary

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Developer Diary

There is a brand new video about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst available on the game’s official YouTube channel, which presents updates about the story and the beautiful City of Glass.

It’s a typical developer diary, with Level Designer Terrence Cronin commenting on a few things about the title, including the following:

“It’s clean. It’s got this industrial elegance to its spaces. Not many games use clean. Everything’s always dirty in games.”

If you take a look at the video below, you will immediately agree with Cronin. The City of Glass looks very different compared to recent games and with its dynamic day and night cycles we can prepare ourselves for an awesome environment in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

The game will come out on May 26 and while this trailer does not include an overhaul of information and spoilers, it definitely gets the job done as a cool teaser for people who are waiting to guide Faith through the City of Glass.

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