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All the way back in 2012, developer Bluehole Studio released the MMORPG TERA outside of its home country of South Korea. Although the game only received modest reviews at launch and never earned the massive numbers of its competitors, it still managed to attract a dedicated following that allowed it to last for about a decade. That said, signs that TERA was nearing its last legs emerged around three months ago. In January, the game’s official Twitter account revealed that the Japanese servers would shut down on April 20. Now, it appears that TERA really has reached its end, as Gameforge, the title’s only remaining publisher, announced that all of the servers will go down on June 30 at 4 a.m. ET.

According to Gameforge, Bluehole Studio made the decision to stop working on the game, as it concluded that it cannot continue to provide content that meets the same bar of quality it achieved in the past. Gameforge went on to say that it ultimately respects Bluehole’s decision and chose to shut down TERA’s servers in response. In an effort to give players one final chance to band together and enjoy the game, Gameforge will run “some permanent events” until the shutdown.


It’s not all bad news

Although Gameforge acknowledged the unfortunateness of this situation, it still tried to leave players optimistic about the future and revealed that its next game lies “just over the horizon.” The company also made sure to thank players who stuck with the game for so long and made the community as strong as it was.

Considering how big and competitive the MMORPG market has become, the shutdown of TERA’s servers seemed destined to happen soon. Still, it doesn’t make the situation any less of a bummer for diehard TERA fans. Multiplayer games like this remain difficult to preserve, but hopefully, fans will find some way to do so.

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