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Payday 2
PC Invasion

Mo’ money, mo’ problems: PayDay 2 screens show shooting

Payday 2 - 2

A quartet of new screenshots from upcoming shooty co-op heist-’em-up PayDay 2 show off exactly what happens when you inevitably get spotted and a gunfight breaks out.

There’s an artsy close-up shot of our robbers firing in a city street, there’s a first-person shot of them blasting at police while taking cover behind a taxi, there’s a night-time shot of them shooting out windows while executing what looks like a home invasion, and there’s a shot of someone about to shoot an unaware guard in a museum.

For what it’s worth? The screens are named, respectively, “The Heat”, “Jewel Escape”, “Moonlight Gunfight”, and “Stealth Frame.” Might give you some indication as to the sort of heists your crew will be tackling when Overkill’s sequel hits on 15 August.

Payday 2 - 1

Payday 2 - 3

Payday 2 - 4

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