The Simpsons Hit And Run Remaster Mod 2d Animated Cutscenes

A talented modder is creating a The Simpsons Hit and Run remaster mod. The remaster promises to not only include modernized visuals, but it also completely reanimates all of the cutscenes. Mod creator El Gato Del Tejado uploaded a video on YouTube detailing the project’s progress so far.

One of the biggest takeaways from the video is just how good the remaster looks. A variety of 2D textures in the game, including billboards and shop signs, have been sharpened up. They now display at a much higher resolution than the original 2003 version could ever manage.


Beyond the 2D textures, the remaster will of course update the visuals of the 3D models too. The amount of progress made on this so far is mixed, but there’s some promise for sure. The video shows off a version of Bart’s 3D model using cell shading that looks good. Although the same cannot be said for poor Lisa, who has been turned into an eldritch monster. Thankfully, El Gato Del Tejado has already cooked up a solution that involves remodeling Lisa’s hair manually.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this The Simpsons Hit and Run remaster is its approach to cutscenes. Remastering cutscenes is hard enough, with some AAA publishers taking the easy route. Just look at how Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy turned out. This remaster is doing no such thing, though. The mod creator has instead optied to recreate all of the cutscenes in 2D. El Gato Del Tejado has even gone as far as to study and learn the show’s original art style to better replicate it.

Support the creator

El Gato Del Tejado has a Patreon where interested fans can support him. There’s a “Spare for Lisa” tier priced at $3 USD a month and a “Help them back to Earth” tier for $6.50 USD a month. Each tier has various benefits, but the main motive is that the financial support will make it easier for El Gato Del Tejado to continue working on the remaster.

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