Modern Warfare 2 beta glitch took players to the Warzone 2 menu

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Warzone 2 Menu

On September 15, Call of Duty Next took place and revealed more details about the future of the franchise. This included a full multiplayer reveal, a first look at Warzone 2, confirmation of a DMZ mode, and more. Shortly after, the Modern Warfare 2 beta went live. This allowed fans to dive into some of the maps, game modes, and the unique third person perspective feature. During the beta, one player encountered something a little different. They found a glitch which took them to the Warzone 2 menu while in the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta.

While playing the first weekend of the beta which was exclusive to PlayStation users, Reddit user Sybrun found themselves outside of multiplayer. Instead, they were greeted with a screen, which seemed to give them the option to join a Warzone 2 private match. It appears that the Warzone 2 screen remains the same with the new social tab, weapons, operators, and the store.


The Warzone 2 menu bug could tell us more about the game

Another player that encountered he Warzone 2 menu in the beta was reportedly able to scroll down and see an an “Alternate Mode” along with Warzone Trios and Plunder. Perhaps, these could be the Warzone 2 modes we’ll see at launch. Many players are speculating that the Alternate Mode could be the upcoming DMZ experience. However, this glitch could also alarm the players who were hoping that multiplayer and the battle royale would run separately. With the launch of the original Warzone joining in with Modern Warfare 2019, fans encountered problems with extremely large file sizes.

All will become clear when Modern Warfare 2 fully releases on October 28, with Warzone 2 to follow on November 16. The Modern Warfare 2 early access PC beta kicks off on September 22 at 1pm ET. Infinity Ward has made numerous changes going into the second weekend of the beta and is continuing to gather community feedback.

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