Modern Warfare 2 players discover the hard way that Dead Silence actually alerts enemies

Modern Warfare 2 Dead Silence Field Upgrade nerf

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 early access beta kicked off for PC players last week. Over the course of the beta, players have tried out some of the multiplayer maps on offer and various game modes, played around with the new gunsmith, and more. Some features such as Dead Silence have even returned from recent Call of Duty titles. Dead Silence is a Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare 2, but players were quick to notice that it has some issues compared to previous iterations. Using Dead Silence now isn’t as stealthy as before, thanks to a nerf.

This year, Dead Silence has received some changes. Although it’s purpose is still to temporarily allow you to move around the map undetected, activating the Field Upgrade could cost you your life. Now, instead of Dead Silence activating instantly, you have to go through a player animation first. While doing so, a loud screeching noise is released, which alerts the enemies around you.


Dead Silence isn’t so silent in Modern Warfare 2

The CDL Intel Twitter account shared a clip of the changes in action. As you can see, Dead Silence actually does the opposite of what it should do and instead alerts your opponent to your position, even if you are out of sight.

In previous Call of Duty titles, Dead Silence and Ninja were perks that quieted footsteps, and many players want to see this return instead of having Dead Silence as a Field Upgrade. However, Infinity Ward has essentially shut this down in a community update, stating that the Field Upgrade creates “balance between freedom of movement and predictability of combat.”

At the time of writing, Infinity Ward hasn’t commented on player’s concerns, and it’s unknown if they will revert the Modern Warfare 2 Dead Silence change, or make any tweaks to it. There’s still some time, as Modern Warfare 2 fully launches on October 28.

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