Modern Warfare 2 developer reveals how Ranked Play SR system works

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play Sr System

The launch of Modern Warfare 2 Season 02 finally gave fans itching for a competitive experience something to play. The Ranked Play mode has various ranks to grind through and free rewards for you to unlock along the way. Though, you may wonder just how the Ranked Play SR system works in Modern Warfare 2.

Have you ever felt like you’re earning a small amount of SR when your team dominates the opposition and when you lose a close game, you find yourself with a large SR reduction? Well, you’re not the only one, and Modern Warfare 2’s SR system can seem confusing at times. Treyarch has explained the reason behind the amount of SR you acquire and lose. It’s down to a hidden skill value.

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play links SR with a High Performance Range system

The amount of SR that gets added or deducted is determined by both your team and individual performance. However, there’s another factor that contributes to your SR. Lawrence Metten is part of the team that develops Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play. In a Twitter thread, Metten explains that each player has a Hidden Performance Range. This is how well the game’s underlying performance system thinks you are, therefore predicting how you’ll do against others. In short, Metten explains that if you do better than expected in a Ranked Play game, you’ll be rewarded with more SR. On the flip side, if the system expects you to play well and you do just that, you won’t earn as much SR.

Put simply, your individual skill level is being judged in every single match. If the SR you earn or lose stays at a similar level, it indicates that your SR and Hidden Performance Range are narrowing in. Don’t worry, your High Performance Range can rise and you can accumulate more SR with it, but only if you’re able to have a better performance overall.

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