Keith Arem, the director of Modern Warfare 2 is about to make the switch to Hollywood.According to a CVG report, Arem has been lined up to helm Frost Road, an action thriller produced by Cary Brokaw (Closer, Sin City 2) and Steven L’Heureux (Mystic River).The film tells the story of a small coastal town decimated by a mysterious disease. One of the few survivors must find others and prevent the contagion from spreading across the globe.Arem’s direction skills did not go unnoticed in Hollywood with producer Brokaw full of praise for the Call of Duty man and his “incredible results.””There’s a great deal that film can learn from the dynamic and immersive experience of games, in the same way the medium has drawn on graphic novels for visual inspiration,” he said.”With FROST ROAD, we believe that we’ve harnessed the best of not just both, but all three worlds.”Find out what we thought of Modern Warfare 2 here.

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