Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Reveal Campaign Dark Water

As part of Summer Game Fest 2022, a new gameplay trailer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was shown. This follows the world announcement trailer that was released yesterday. While the previous trailer was cinematic, today we got roughly eight minutes straight of uninterrupted gameplay.

The reveal was of a mission called Dark Water. It takes place on a large ship in the Atlantic Ocean as part of some kind of infiltration. The mission follows Task Force 141 looking for someone or something. Specific details aren’t clear, but you get the gist. The segment shown seems similar to Call of Duty 4‘s second mission, Crew Expendable.


As expected, this gameplay reveal of Modern Warfare 2 shows off some gorgeous visuals. The guns and character models seemed comparable to the first game, but the weather effects, water, and lighting have all come a long way. It’s difficult to judge, but this reveal suggests that this is going to be the most technologically impressive Call of Duty to date.

Regarding gameplay features, there was one big reveal for what fans can look forward to in Modern Warfare 2. Various parts of the environment slide across the ship creating mobile cover. It could be fun to close the gap on an enemy using this moving cover and it might even be necessary on harder difficulties.

What about multiplayer?

Although the bulk of the gameplay reveal was focused on Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign, there is something for multiplayer fans too. The level shown off in Dark Water is very likely to become a multiplayer map down the line. Historically, many Call of Duty maps have been adapted from campaign missions. Remember when I mentioned Crew Expendable? That became Wet Work in multiplayer. If that isn’t enough for you, then seek comfort in the fact that more multiplayer details are coming. It’s just a matter of when.

Kurt Perry
Kurt is a passionate games writer who loves JRPGs, racing games, and FPS. Having grown up on Xbox, Kurt transitioned to PC gaming in 2017 but still enjoys playing a variety of platforms.

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