Modern Warfare 2 Warzone 2 Guides And Features Hub

Modern Warfare 2: Guides and features hub

Modern Warfare is back.

Modern Warfare 2 is the latest installment in Activision’s ever-popular Call of Duty franchise. This modern military first-person shooter is a sequel to the original Modern Warfare reboot launched in 2019. This is our guides and features hub for Modern Warfare 2 that has kinds of useful content to guide you on your way.

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Note: We’ll continue adding more tips to our Modern Warfare 2 hub, so stay tuned.


Modern Warfare 2 guides and features hub

General tips and tricks

How gunsmith weapon tuning works – Our in-depth breakdown of the new attachment weapon tuning mechanic and if it’s worth using.

How to change the helmet camera when spectating – MWII has introduced a new realistic spectator helmet camera for immersion. This is how to switch between that helmet camera and the regular game perspective whilst spectating.

How to get Battle Pass Tokens – Explained – Looking to progress through the battle pass and unlock what’s in it? Here’s how to earn the tokens to do so.

How to get longshot kills — Easiest way – It can be tricky to take people down from a distance so here’s how to make that process easier.

How to lean around corners in Modern Warfare 2 – Rather than showing your whole body leaning around a corner is a great way to fire back without getting killed.

How to ping and spot enemies for your teammates – Pinging enemies is a powerful communication tool that you should be using.

How to Pistol Swap and draw your secondary faster – They say that switching to your secondary is faster than reloading, and with the new Pistol Swap mechanic that’s truer than ever before.

How to switch between killstreaks and scorestreaks – Some players prefer the tradition of killstreaks whilst others prefer the objective-focused gameplay of scorestreaks. Here’s how to switch between them freely.

Prestige guide — when you can level up and claim emblems – There’s been some confusion over how prestige will work in Modern Warfare 2.

What is Cronus Zen — Explained – The controversial Cronus Zen gets talked about a lot but what is it and is it even safe to use?


Unlock guides

How to get Gaz Operator – Unlocking the operator for Gaz, an iconic Modern Warfare character is easy enough once you know how.

How to unlock the Honey Badger – The Honey Badger assault rifle has arrived in MWII and here’s how you can get your hands on it.


Technical issues

Does Modern Warfare 2 have a Companion App? – Being able to track your stats and recent performances on a third-party app is extremely useful but is it possible in MWII?

How to fix crashing issues on PCModern Warfare 2 isn’t the most stable game so we’ve put together this guide on how to stop it from crashing.

How to fix Gold Camo not unlocking – There’s a bug that makes it seem as though gold camos aren’t unlockable but thankfully it’s very easy to fix.

How to uninstall the campaign on PC – Here’s how to uninstall the campaign for MWII to free up storage space on your PC.

The best settings for PC – These are the best settings to use for Modern Warfare 2 on PC. By using these settings you’ll maximize your frame rate whilst not losing too much visual fidelity.


Modern Warfare 2 Gun Guides

Tier Lists

Assault Rifles tier list — Best Assault Rifle to use – These are the most popular guns to use in Call of Duty but how do they rank?

Battle Rifles tier list – Best battle rifle to use – Versatility is important in Call of Duty which makes a gun category full of weapons that work in both full auto and semi-auto rather appealing.

Light Machine Guns tier list — Best LMG to use – They might be big and heavy but when built right MWII’s LMGs are amongst the best guns in the game.

Marksman Rifles tier list — Best marksman rifle to use – From snappy bolt action rifles to hard-hitting semi-auto DMRs, the marksman rifle category has a lot to offer.

Pistols tier list — Best pistol to use – It’s always good to have a backup plan for when your primary weapon doesn’t get the job done.

Shotguns tier list — Best Shotgun to use – Sometimes you’ve got to get up close and personal and there’s no gun better than a shotgun for that.

Submachine guns tier list — Best SMG to use – You’re behind enemy lines and are looking to make your move. Naturally, you’re running an SMG but which is the best?

Sniper Rifles tier list — Best sniper to use – There’s something extremely satisfying about sniper rifles and this year’s snipers are some of the strongest we’ve ever seen.

Assault Rifles

How to build the best Kastov 565 class – Everybody knows the AK-47 but Modern Warfare 2 shines the spotlight on its little brother, the AK-105.

How to build the best Kastov-74u class – The AK-74u makes its return once again and this time it packs one hell of a punch.

How to build the best Kastov 762 class – If you need an assault rifle that works at all ranges, packs a nasty punch, and looks the part then the Kastov 762 is for you.

How to build the best Lachmann-556 class – Effectively a scaled-down Lachmann 762 this rifle excels at long-range combat.

How to build the best M4 classCall of Duty‘s jack-of-all-trades assault rifle is back. If you want a reliable gun that gets the job done look no further than this guide.

How to build the best M13B class – The M13 returns and is as accurate and reliable as ever at long range making it a great choice in some game modes.

How to build the best M16 class – The M16 is a true Modern Warfare classic and the only choice for players wanting to use a burst-fire assault rifle.

How to build the best STB 556 class – It isn’t the long-range weapon that its description promises but the STB 556 is no slouch when used up close.

How to build the best TAQ-56 class – The TAQ-56 represents Modern Warfare 2‘s interpretation of the SCAR-L and this beast has established itself as a great assault rifle to use.

Submachine Guns

How to build the best BAS-P class – Based on the MPX, this new SMG offers a great balance of fire rate and damage for players who can control it.

How to build the best Fennec 45 class – The Vector returns bringing back its incredible fire rate and impressive close-range capabilities.

How to build the best FSS Hurricane class – A newcomer to Call of Duty, the FSS Hurricane turns the ever-reliable M4 into an unusual SMG that uses P90 ammunition.

How to build the best Lachmann Sub class – It just wouldn’t be a Modern Warfare game unless the MP5 was one of the best SMGs in the game.

How to build the best Minibak class – The Bizon is an increasingly iconic SMG that performs well in MWII.

How to build the best MX9 class – The MX9 is another member of the AUG family and it offers something a little different for SMG players to use.

How to build the best PDSW 528 class – Its silly name aside the PDSW 528 is MWII’s version of the P90 and this SMG is just as good as you remember it.

How to build the best Vaznev-9K class – An even more compact AK-74u that performs far better than expected when built right.

How to build the best VEL 46 class – Also known as the MP7, this laser-accurate SMG remains a fan favorite thanks to its consistency and impressive effective range.

Light Machine Guns

How to build the best 556 Icarus Class – The M4 is a reliable well-rounded assault rifle so what happens when you attach a 75-round magazine to it? You get the 556 Icarus.

How to build the best RAAL MG class – It doesn’t fire fast and it has awful handling but the RAAL MG is arguably MWII‘s hardest-hitting gun with its incredible time to kill.

Sniper Rifles

How to build the best SP-X 80 class – This high-caliber sniper rifle offers fantastic handling and is a great choice for aggressive sniper gameplay.

How to build the best Victus XMR class – The AWP has always been iconic in Counter-Strike and now it arrives in Modern Warfare as the Victus XMR.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is available on PC via and Steam.

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