Infinity Ward outlines Modern Warfare 2 changes ahead of launch

Modern Warfare 2 how does gunsmith weapon tuning work

Over the course of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta, players got a taste of  the upcoming entry to the franchise. A few multiplayer maps were on offer to try out, as well as a variety of game modes and a new gunsmith. Now that the beta has ended, Infinity Ward has provided another community update. The post outlines some of  the changes that Infinity Ward plans to make to Modern Warfare 2 ahead of its launch.

During the beta, players reported issues with hearing footsteps. Although some adjustments came during the second weekend of the beta, the developers have recognized that the volume of footsteps remains an issue. Therefore, they’ll continue balancing the sound of enemy and friendly footstep ahead of launch. Enemy visibility was another continuous issue during the beta. Thankfully, Infinity Ward will look into increasing enemy visibility, but it appears that the team has ruled out return of nameplates above an opponent’s head.


A popular change ahead of the launch of Modern Warfare 2

One welcomed change that players can expect to see addressed regards lobbies disbanding after a match. Recent Call of Duty titles have made players disband right after a match, which meant players wouldn’t end up in the same lobbies after disbandment. In the community update, Infinity Ward states that it is exploring potential solutions to stop lobbies from disbanding. Nothing definitive was said, though.

There will be other fixes on the way, including squashing various bugs players encountered on the Ground War and Invasion maps and tweaks to camera shoulder swapping in the Third-Person game mode.Modern Warfare 2 beta changes at launch

That is all we know right now about the changes coming to Modern Warfare 2 before its October 28 launch. However, there are still many issues that haven’t been commented on, such as Dead Silence actually alerting enemies to your position. We’ll have to see if Infinity Ward addresses anything else in the future.

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