Modern Warfare 2 PC: Only 9v9 Multiplayer

Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer is capped at 9v9 play on PC.9v9 multiplayer is, admittedly, the same as will be supported on consoles, but as as Kotaku notes the PC versions have previously had higher player caps.The news comes from a transcript of a live chat session with Infinity Ward’s Mackey MacCandlish and Ryan Lastimosa. When asked by user Josh111 “What will the max amount of players be per map for PC multiplayer on,” MacCandlish responded “The max number of players on all platforms are 1v1 through 9v9.”He elaborated a little, adding “This is the number of players we focused on when we were balancing map size, perks, classes, challenges, etc.”With this and the dedicated server controversy, we imagine PC users are going to be a little peeved, although at least in this case it’s somewhat understandable – if the game is balanced for 9v9, then that’s presumably what the best experience will be with.This isn’t likely to stop some sort of eruption, though. We’ve contacted various parties for more information and we’ll be paying close attention to the public’s response, so stay tuned for more.If you’re still hugely excited about Modern Warfare 2, though, check out the launch trailer.

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