Potentially genuine lists detailing the multiplayer perks and killstreaks available in Modern Warfare 2 have been revealed.Gamepex (thanks, Kotaku) has posted up a list supposedly detailing all of the killstreak rewards – yes, even the one for 25 kills – while MW2Blog is claiming to have all of the perks.It all looks fairly likely, to be honest, and could well be down to the apparently leaked 360 version of the game. Or it might be fake. Who knows? Well, Infinity Ward does, but it’s not telling – community manager Robert Bowling Tweeted “Can’t confirm nor deny any leaks for #MW2. Official stance is to just wait and discover the awesome yourself on November 10th.”The lists are below. As ever, take them with a pinch of salt, and beware spoilers. If you don’t want to know, don’t look.Although that 25-kill reward sounds amazing.Killstreak Rewards3 Kills – UAV4 Kills – Care Package4 Kills – Counter UAV5 Kills – Sentry Gun5 Kills – Predator Missile6 Kills – Precision Airstrike7 Kills – Strike7 Kills – Attack Heli8 Kills – Emergency Airdrop9 Kills – Pave Low9 Kills – Stealth Bomber11 Kills – Chopper Gunner11 Kills – AC-13015 Kills – EMP25 Kills – Tactical NukeHm. Thinking about it, that Tactical Nuke is presumably a bit of a change in official stance from the way nukes were portrayed in the original game, isn’t it?PerksMarathon – Tier 1 – Standard: Unlimited Sprint – Pro: Get over obstacles fasterSleight of Hand – Tier 1 – Standard: Faster Reload – Pro: Aim down sights fasterScavenger – Tier 1 – Standard: Retrieve ammo from dead bodiesBling – Tier 1 – Standard: Dual attachments on primary weapon – Pro: Dual attachments on secondary weaponOne Man Army – Tier 1 – Standard: Switch classes in game (no respawn needed)Stopping Power – Tier 2 – Standard: Increased bullet damage – Pro: Increased bullet damage to cars and Killstreak vehiclesLightweight – Tier 2 – Standard: Move fasterHardline – Tier 2 – Standard: Killstreak rewards require 1 less kill – Pro: Deathstreaks require 1 less deathCold Blooded – Tier 2 – Standard: Undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries, and thermalDanger Close – Tier 2 – Standard: Increases explosive weapons damageCommando – Tier 3 – Standard: Increased melee distance – Pro: No falling damageSteady Aim – Tier 3 – Standard: Increased hip-fire accuracyScrambler – Tier 3 – Standard: Scrambles the radar of nearby enemiesNinja – Tier 3 – Standard: Invisible to heartbeat sensors – Pro: Move silentlySitRep – Tier 3 – Standard: Insertions. Reveals enemy explosives and Tactical InsertionsLast Stand – Tier 3 – Standard: Survive (on the ground) for 10 seconds after being killed, pistol equipt [sic] – Pro: Use grenades and equipment aswell [sic] as your pistolTypos and weirdness in the latter make us wonder about how legitimate that is, but we’ll find out in just over a week. Modern Warfare 2 launches on 10 November, most likely to a lot of controversy over the opening sequence, and a lack of dedicated servers on PC. Check out the responses from Andy and myself to the controversy over in our new columns section.

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