Infinity Ward is hard at work on a fix for the latest hack in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.The news was announced through Robert Bowling’s Twitter page as he confirmed “Another #MW2 playlist update to prevent the spread of the “ice skating” / speed hack. Will prevent matchmaking into modded games.”The hack obliterates any chance of playing a regular game of MW2, as if you are unlucky enough to be matched with players using modded content, you’ll find yourself ‘skating’ over the map at ridiculously high speeds. Bowling also confirmed that the modifications were made by hackers:“”@fourzerotwo so it was a hack?” via @xblfan2001 – Yes. These aren’t bugs in game code but game files being changed by users on modded kits.”The speed hack is the latest issue to blight the online multiplayer game, following the Javelin and the private match glitches.

    Paul Younger
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