Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Two Warzone battle royale

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Two dumped a plethora of new and remastered content onto the game. Season Two is being regarded as one of the best Call of Duty content updates in series history. Season Two also hinted at a battle royale mode coming to the game called Warzone, which has been a highly requested feature after the success of Black Ops 4‘s Blackout mode. Let’s take a look at all the hints Infinity Ward is giving us.

Cues and clues

Modern Warfare opens to a new cinematic with the addition of Season Two. In this cinematic, a wide camera angle shows a large landscape and a ship dropping troops down onto the site of an explosion. If battle royale titles have taught us anything, it’s that you always start the game falling from a ship and choosing a landing spot.

The main menu of Modern Warfare also has a new tab labeled “Classified.” This is obvious evidence to an entirely new option being added to the main menu, which is exactly how Blackout was displayed in Black Ops 4.

cod classified tab

The next clue is more of an accident. There is currently a glitch in Modern Warfare that is putting players in a lobby titled Warzone. When navigating to the Weapons tab inside this hidden lobby, there are options labeled Edit Drop Kits, Watch Select, and Armory. The Edit Drop Kits option is a big sign of this Warzone lobby being the one of a battle royale mode.

Modern Warfare Warzone Modern Warfare Warzone battle royale

Another tell-tale sign that this Warzone mode is legitimate in Modern Warfare is Activision’s reaction to a promotional image that was leaked for the Warzone mode. This image has been copyright struck off of Twitter and Reddit. This course of action just adds more fuel to the fire.

battle royale

The final piece of this puzzle out there currently involves images of the outside of the new Atlas Superstore map in Modern Warfare. When using COD Caster on the map, you can go outside of it and see a map that resembles that of a battle royale map. PrestigeIsKey did us a great favor by flying above the map, taking these screenshots, and comparing them to the supposed battle royale map found late last year.

It is increasingly likely Activision will make some sort of announcement about battle royale and Warzone in the near future.

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