Warzone Sykov pistol

The introduction of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 brought about some new content for players to enjoy. For multiplayer, two new maps were introduced, as well as a new limited-time mode for Warzone. On the other hand, the Season 6 patch notes included some nerfs. Perhaps the most significant nerf was the one applied to Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone C4.

Previously, C4 was a popular choice in both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. The versatile explosive could be used to blow up vehicles, take out campers, and much more. Due to the nerf, C4 now has a detonation delay. However, the most noticeable feature is that the throw velocity was reduced by 30%. A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone fan showcased how C4 performed before and after the nerf. The clip which was posted on Reddit shows the reduced effectiveness of the explosive and the player manages to blow themselves up.

Rest In Peace C4 from modernwarfare

What are the alternatives?

Many players are arguing that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone C4 is now useless. However, there are other options you can explore. To begin, you could use the Semtex. This lethal can stick to a player or any surface before it explodes. Also, a Semtex can be thrown at both long or short distances before it detonates. If you prefer a more fiery approach, a Molotov Cocktail may be for you. Once thrown, it will detonate on impact and set a large area of the map on fire. If thrown successfully, you can deal lasting damage to an enemy player. Finally, if you would like more control of your explosives, try a Frag Grenade. The Frag Grenade is a cookable lethal, meaning the longer you hold it before it is thrown, the less time it will take to detonate.

Overall, the Call of Duty community appears divided on the matter. For some players, they have lost their C4 which they relied on in combat. On the other hand, players who would often fall victim to it are pleased.

Lauren Sayles
Lauren is a writer and FPS enthusiast. If the game has a gun that you can shoot, she will be occupied for hours!

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