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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s latest weekly update is one that will bring back memories. The February 18 update came a bit late, but it didn’t disappoint in the content it adds to the game. Today’s update adds 1v1 Rust (“1v1 Me Bro!”), Rust and Shipment 24/7 (Flotation Oxidation), NVG Reinforce, and Tavorsk District has returned to the Ground War rotation.

Quick Fix Modern Warfare 1.14

1v1 Me Bro!

Ah, sweet nostalgia. Big fans of Modern Warfare 2, and Call of Duty in general, will be overjoyed with the addition of 1v1 Rust to Modern Warfare. “1v1 me on Rust” has become a popular meme throughout the community, but we all knew deep down it was our wants lashing out. Enjoy 1v1 Me Bro! this week because it will more than likely be removed with next week’s update. If only we had the Intervention so we could 360 no scope off the top platform…

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Rust

Flotation Oxidation

Flotation Oxidation is every Call of Duty challenge hunter’s dream playlist. Flotation Oxidation is purely Rust and Shipment 24/7 for Modern Warfare. These small maps on a constant rotation will help you get certain weapon kills or complete challenges much faster than playing standard game modes. Good luck on your journey to Damascus, and take full advantage of Flotation Oxidation before its discontinuation.

1v1 Me Bro Flotation Oxidation Rust and Shipment 24/7 NVG Reinforce

NVG Reinforce

The NVG modes in Modern Warfare are pretty hit or miss. It does add a layer of tactical depth and some players really enjoy it, while others completely despise it. When Modern Warfare launched, NVG maps were left in normal rotations. Infinity Ward learned pretty quickly that that was less than desirable. Now, the developers have been implementing NVG modes in some of the weekly updates. The NVG mode this time around is Reinforce, which is a hybrid of Domination and Search and Destroy. It is a one-life mode with three points for capture. If you die, you enter spectator mode and can be revived if one of your teammates captures a point. Capture all three points, and your team wins the round. It is a very fun, and different, take on Domination, but it’s worth a shot if you’re curious.

1v1 Me Bro Flotation Oxidation Rust and Shipment 24/7 NVG Reinforce

Tavorsk District

Tavorsk District is the newest Ground War map introduced in Season Two. Though it was added last week, it was quickly removed due to several bugs and glitches. It has been added back to the Ground War rotation as of today.

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