Modern Warfare Gunfight

Modern Warfare added a unique mode to the Call of Duty series this year with Gunfight. And on November 25, Infinity Ward launched a Gunfight tournament beta that allows players to unlock in-game rewards and offers some good competition.

What is Gunfight?

Gunfight has been a very well-received addition this year. This 2v2 mode places players in a fast-paced, small arena with randomized weapons. The last team standing wins the round, and the first to six wins the match.

This new tournament beta is set up to allow for 16 teams and eight rounds of single-elimination, high-octane action. Everything is handled in the game client, so you do not need to sign up or monitor matches on an external website – a feature I’d like to see more of in Call of Duty. The maps for the tournament beta are Hill and Pine, Docks, Speedball and Stack and King. So grab your duo and jump in to see if you can win that sweet Royal Decree Deagle.

Modern Warfare 2v2 Gunfight Tournament

What can you win

Winners of the Modern Warfare 2v2 Gunfight tournament will unlock unique cosmetic rewards and earn XP. Even if you do not win the whole thing, you will earn XP for the matches you do win. So, don’t feel like not winning it all is a waste of time. You will learn the maps and strategies and get XP while doing it. Keep trying until you secure the gold!

Hold on or fly out

Here are some quick tips and rules for the Gunfight mode to help you take home that Royal Decree. This is a one-life game mode, and you do not heal like in regular multiplayer. There is a reason for this. Once the timer runs out, the neutral flag in the center of the map will activate. The first team to cap it wins the round. If it isn’t captured in the allotted time, the team with the most health wins the round. Use this to your advantage when you have a health lead or notice your disadvantage when you don’t. Good luck, and have fun!

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