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Modern Warfare‘s woes continue even after the latest patch. As if there weren’t enough things wrong with the game, two new major issues have been discovered — these aren’t minor problems, either. The community has discovered two major concerns affecting gameplay, even more so than a overpowered weapon or unbalanced map would. These issues can be the difference between surviving a gunfight which, in some cases, means winning or losing the match.

Got an angle

This issue was brought to light by a popular¬†Call of Duty¬†YouTuber and Twitch streamer named TheXclusiveAce. “Peeker’s advantage” is something many of us have heard about or experienced in FPS titles, but Modern Warfare takes it to another level. It appears that holding a sightline or angle leaves you very exposed to someone that wide peaks the angle. So much so that you may never even see who killed you. This can perhaps be avoided, but it may require you to change up your playstyle just to prevent it from affecting you.

Missmatched hitboxes

Modern Warfare has some spotty hitboxes. And having bad hitboxes in an FPS is one of the worst things players can experience. Back in Infinite Warfare, different characters had hitboxes that fit their model. This had major downsides though, as some characters’ heads were smaller and much harder to hit. Having universal hitboxes is, theoretically much better — when done correctly. However, in Modern Warfare‘s case, the models have significant gaps in their hitbox, causing well-placed shots to miss.

Call of Duty has been called out for bugs and glitches in the past. But these cases may be taking it a step too far. These are a major oversight by Infinity Ward and need swift addressing. Hopefully, these will be fixed as soon as possible due to their severity and impact on the quality of the game. I think we’ve seen enough misfires for the day.

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