Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Crossbow patch 1.13

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s playlist update usually scheduled for Tuesday was delayed until Wednesday to coincide with patch 1.13, and now it’s here, bringing the Crossbow, five additional loadout slots, Capture the Flag, Shoot the Ship (which replaced Shoot House 24/7), and a huge list of general fixes. This update is a whopping 48GB on PC.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

What’s new

Capture the Flag is a staple game mode players will welcome back. Likewise, the Crossbow is a familiar beast to fans of Call of Duty because it has been in just about every single one.

Meanwhile, receiving additional loadout slots in the Create A Class screens has been a highly requested feature since Modern Warfare did away with prestiging this year. Having to flip-flop classes for different game modes becomes very tedious and aggravating. Now, having an additional five slots will obviate the issue.

Shoot the Ship has returned and replaced Shoot House 24/7 once again. For those that don’t know, Shoot the Ship is basically Shipment and Shoot House 24/7. Shipment has been a very well-received addition to Modern Warfare alongside Shoot House, which is why we are seeing so much of those maps lately. Aniyah Palace has also been added back into the rotation.

Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 Gun Game update

Modern Warfare buffs & nerfs

A few modest buffs and nerfs have been implemented in patch 1.13. Trophy Systems got some much-needed changes to make the Field Upgrade better and more viable. The Trophy System protection range has been increased, the radius and damage taken by trophy explosions have been decreased, and a bug where explosion damage and effects didn’t trigger on the third explosion was fixed. Trophies have always been a vital part of Call of Duty respawn game modes, and it’s nice seeing them get the attention they deserve.

Weapons didn’t get touched too much in this patch, and the ones that did only benefited from it. The RAM-7 extended magazine now holds 50 bullets instead of 45. The MK2 Carbine bullet penetration was increased. And the FN Scar-17 had its horizontal recoil reduced.


Call of Duty League changes

Some changes are specific to the competitive setting in custom games, which is what will be used at tournaments. Domination flags now become neutralized before becoming captured again. So, when retaking a Dom flag, it will have three stages: enemy control, neutral control, ally control. This is a major change by itself, but it’s even more major since the opening event of the Call of Duty League is this weekend.

The headshot multiplier has been clamped, meaning torso and headshots are the same. This is an attempt to nerf the infamous MP5 and its ridiculous time-to-kill.

The lightweight boost has been removed, and the charge time for Dead Silence has been decreased. Dead Silence has been a huge pain point for Modern Warfare since launch. Many were calling for it to be added as a perk instead of a Field Upgrade, but Infinity Ward has made it apparent that they do not like that option.

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