Hardhat Modern Warfare patch 1.21

Patch 1.21 just dropped for Modern Warfare, and Infinity Ward has used the opportunity to make some big changes. Among the changes are gun reworks, nerfs to the Renettis, new maps, and various tweaks to Warzone.

Rumors of what new map to expect can finally be put to rest. Patch 1.21 brings Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s Hardhat into Modern Warfare 2019. It was a fan favorite back in the day with its iconic tunnel entry point leading to the open center of the map. Its long sightlines also made for some great clips and MOAB potential. Expect to see Nuke videos flooding YouTube in no time.

Bye-bye, Renettis

Many will be thrilled to see the Akimbo Renettis hard nerfed after much community outcry. Patch 1.21 sees its ammo decreased, damage decreased, and spread significantly increased. Also, when using Akimbo and the Burst Mod at the same time, your damage is further decreased to compensate for the extreme fire rate.

There are minor buffs to the FAL and SCAR’s aim down sight speed, while the RPG’s splash damage has been decreased in Warzone. Otherwise, the VLK Rogue has seen its fire rate and damage increased. It has also received a buff to its Revolt Barrel attachment.

The previously weak Holger 26 has effectively received a complete rework aiming to buff its potential as an assault rifle hybrid LMG. This includes buffs to its movement speed, ADS time, and recoil, as well as tweaks for its G36C attachments.

Warzone changes

As for Warzone, Infinity Ward has made some fairly significant changes. For one, Most Wanted contracts have returned to the game. These were previously removed due to community complaints but are now back. The only notable change made from its previous version is the time. It will now only last three minutes instead of five.

Perhaps the most significant change is the introduction of the Armor Box. When looted or purchased, the Armor Box resupplies your entire team with full armor. This has replaced the Shield Turret in the Buy Station.

The Gulag Warzone renettis

All that practice with the Renettis will mean nothing after this patch, as pistols and shotguns have been removed from the Gulag. In their place, players will now duel for the right right to respawn with various full-auto assault rifles and submachine guns.

There have also been some loot tweaks to Warzone with the introduction of various new blueprints. These include variants for the SKS, AX-50, FAL, KILO, MP7, and AUG. These new blueprints only include Epic and Legendary weapons, so low-tier loot remains untouched.

For the full details, you can check out the patch notes on Infinity Ward’s official website. Be sure to check out our launcher guide to figure out which secondary is best now that both the Snakeshot Magnums and Akimbo Renettis have been nerfed.

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