Amos Hodge, lead designer at Raven Software, has been spending the past few days writing short updates about Modern Warfare Remastered. Based on community feedback, a few things will be changing prior to release (which, for now, is still only with a pre-order of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare).

The latest bit of information posted is that Modern Warfare Remastered “will have the original MP announcer [voice-over] for the original modes”. This is in-keeping with prior listed changes related to the audio in this version, including promises that “the sounds for the Barrett, DEgale, RPD, and M40A3 to more closely match the original,” and word that “The objective capture sounds for Domination and other modes are being updated.” Hodge notes “The Medal sounds are being updated by Raven. They will be unique [to Modern Warfare Remastered]” too.

He also states “Raven will be updating the obituary icons for headshots and melee kills to match the orginal theme,” and says the game “will have all playlists that launched with MW1, plus additional ones”.

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