This one takes a bit of explaining. You know of Peter Molyneux, of course (or you should); an influential figure behind Populous and other major Bullfrog-made titles of the 1990s, lover of turtleneck jumpers and former employee of Lionhead (Fable). If you read Tim’s story during E3, you’ll know that he’s now at 22 Cans working on … a somewhat strange project called ‘Curiosity’.

It in, people will tap away at a virtual cube in the hope of revealing what’s inside. A special diamond pick-axe will be available as DLC, priced at around £50,000 GBP. So far, so bizarre.

But there’s another version of Peter Molyneux out there. His name is Peter Molydeux, and he exists only on twitter (or does he? etc). Periodically, he posts tremendous game ideas in a Molyneux-esque style (“You are a sad lonely firework in a dusty shed on 4th July, what if you could use ghosts to sneak you into big display in New York?”), and these ideas have inspired a lot of real indie titles.

Now, in an example of art imitating life imitating art again and then getting confused and forgetting if it’s art or life or something else entirely, Molydeux has put together a trailer for Molyneux’s Curiosity project. Is it spoof? Parody? Or loving homage? I really don’t know. Decide for yourself, below.

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